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Dubai and Abu Dhabi for White Tantra only, for Appointments please refer to the Spa in London. To visit anither site run in UK by tutors of Tantric Yoga and our linked spa team

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Dubai has an awesome energy and positivity in its rebirth. The deserts are wonderfully spiritual. Dubai has Tantric Kundalini energy epitomizes this, so we use the word to name our Tantric concept therapy centre.. therapists in Europe and White Dubai massage. We were impressed by Dubai and its vitality. which we feel makes it a city of Yogic Kundalini energy."



For Tantra Yoga and massage in Abu Dhabi or visiting Dubai please read this page in our Abu Dhabi Massage Menu. Limited availability. 


We offer massages and we have had requests from all over the world,  but Red Tantra massages London and Europe is the most pop popular request! White Tantra is possible in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as a fully healing Dakini ritual spa treatment.

Due to a new spa and Yoga studio we hope to be opened in Jumeirah  for everyone in 2020 we have White Tantra. Presently therapists are located in different countries plus a beauty Spa and Yoga in Dubai. 

Please contact our UK number for a free call back. you can call the GCC number from UAE for all international locations from Dubai.

Information is provided on Tantra only for, Dubai Bahrain, Kuwait, India, Singapore, South Africa. 

Yoga classes are available in Dubai some times please see click "menu" page contacts page. 

Yoga teacher in a class setting with partner's certified in Kundalini Yoga and Tantra meditation.



Tantric therapy and YOGA 

What is White Tantra? Purest form of Tantric. Gentle blend of soothing ayurvedic massages. traditional tantra soft healing touch massages. herbal oils.

Benefits of White Tantra, removal of all stress. removing blockages of the chakras.. in other words, pure deep relaxation.. a positive energy. rejuvenation massage based on Ayurvedic and Tantric healing methods. Similar to a spa type massage or Ayurvedic treatment. 

The massage uses a healing warming techniques focusing on rebalancing your mind as well as the body. Focus is on the deepest forms of relaxation, takes away anxiety, and lifts tension returns you to a happier positive nurtured you. The perfect Spa retreat relaxation Tantra massage for Dubai and conservative countries. White tantra is a gourmet feast of the senses. Using music Mantras Ayurveda, and Tantra healing. Great attention is given to your well being and the therapist is healing you. It is sensual but not very intimate. 





The famous full body Tantra to music. Enlightening Kundalini energy through sensuality. traditional intense massages, world famous authentic therapists from London Tantra massage. The famous rythm massage.

Tantric massage therapy in its advanced form

Red Tantra includes Dakini massage. lesser version is Neo Tantra for BEGINNERS. incl. Body body and Katac massage. With a pre ceremony of Yoga and tuition. Then a Full body highly sensual version of Tantra with intense feelings, secret touch and focus is also towards orgasma pleasure as a way to activate "Kundalini" life force energy


How to tell if you are visiting a certified genuine authentic Tantra therapist?

Latest news on the upsurge in popularity in Tantra.

This information site is in  UK London where you may book a Tantric Massage or Yoga class.  We also welcome people to read about Tantra, only to educate people in real Tantric therapy. Also explain that Tantra that it is not a fake s.x massage or include extras service as seen now in some countries. We regret that people misunderstand what Tantra is. The word in the last years has been used by dubious fake massage and other service workers.. they kidnapped the word and pasted it on their sites. The fake use of Tantra is a serious issue now and giving everyone who has certification and good reputation. a awful dirty name which is untrue with some people reading  sites and visiting fake therapists and having very false experience. These sites have kidnapped the word Tantra to use for other purposes also causing the reputation of Tantra and Yoga to be badly affected.

Two types of Tantra. Certified decent respectable Yoga teachers and qualified therapists.  Also latest surge of fake ones who are  from another s.x profession and do not do Tantra or from a brothel.

Lesson no. 1 to allways talk to a therapist! ask questions do not be fooled evaluate.


British qualified Tantra massage specialists and certified TANTRIC YOGA teachers actually can offer free yoga classes in recognised fitness centres in Dubai but not massage. Please visit the site of Tantra course providers who studied with OSHO and well recommended click below

Telephone contacts and meet your  therapist.. also how to contact a Tantra therapist in London. Amsterdam. or Geneva. Check out the the website above.. or a UAE Tantra yoga group, please go to the 'contacts' of the above site etc. Please read all the details on this site.

The best Tantra massage in Mayfair we offer bookings for a Tantra massage in the centre in UK.

Genuine Tantra Massage for your perfect relaxation and sensual spiritual massage. The real  experience for revitalizing your mind soul and rebirth of your life force energy a relaxation e experience that also rejuvenates.

What is Tantra Massage? and where can you find an authentic Tantric Yoga therapist and OR Tantra Massage Goddess that is fully certified professional.  A Therapist that really knows the real Tantra massage who visit you in Europe.

we can arrange for you to come to UK for a class or massage.

So many people ask us every day!

Friendly contact number:


Please call or message for a free call Back.


It is nice to combine Tantra with a relaxation or traditional.

therapy for some.

Ayurvedic White Tantra

Sports and deep tissue massage.

Reiki and Aromatherapy



Please read the linked website for more information on Tantra. London Tantra and it has many pages of blog detail on Tantra.

Our White Tantric massage and Yoga sessions in UK. For in Dubai.. we have a Tantric Yoga class only with Bharat Thakur in Abu Dhabi occasionally.. a White Tantra massage is very popular to relax and re-energise after a long day at work. It offers a fully relaxation retreat experience. Continual full body bio rythm flow massage.. but not an erotic massage suitable for all no releases! it can be taught in a class. 

This was the old website no therapists in UAE. It was created to explain to people that this is not an extras! false massage that is all! but one you could have in a spa. Karen Backer has written a nice intro to help people 6 years ago she now opened the Spa in Geneva.


We offer traditional authentic Tantra on an exclusive basis. Emphasis is on quality genuine massage techniques. to relax, rejuvenate, sooth, and spiritually take you to another dimention of massage enlightenment.. We promise a sensitive loving  caring soft stimulating journey of special Tantra massages.. using hand touches, massages with  body, oil pouring, Ayurvedic  massages.. full body stimulation of the most relaxing level

Each massage is a journey of sensual energizing enlightenment..

Massage involves hand massages to music in rhythm to relax your body.. a awesome intense sensa massage of

using body flow  7 Chakra massages with herbal oils.. in 4 Tantric Yoga positions, special stimulation massages of every sens pleasure point on your body eg ears scalp toes ears neck,  part of genuine Tantra... it feels like a four handed sensual massage with  with a rythm at the same. Also soft massages to arouse and intensify peasure points all over your body without release.

In Red Black Tantra  which is only in Europe. gradually we intensify ultra stimulation  massages to lingham and the whole erogenous zone area all in a rythym.. bringing you to a point of no return orgasmic energy but stopping you from releasing to early returning to a plateaux while further magical sensual orgasma massages are continued .. so you spiral and lengthen the orgasmic energy and flow it around the body from head to toes and back.

We call this arousing and awakening the Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is both orgasmic and also a 4th dimension that exists to rejuvenate you every cell.. and stimulated positivity and removes negativity! it cancelled out depression and and once encouraged can create an endorphin high that changes your life and makes you feel full of energy, a get up and go

super high.  Energise and ready for anything! or any challenge.

Tantra massage Dubai is a spiritual energy massage but no release No sx.service!  or London or anywhere which

absolutely  guarantees the feelings and rejuvenation I have just mentioned.



Full body advanced sens spiritual nurturing massage. Tantra Red version is the world's most stimulating relaxing sensual massage form. White light one. Adv. Black Tantra.

Note there is not any sexual service in any massage! Not.

It teaches and allows you to feel pure multiple orgasmic energy. famous multiple without an ending!

Tantra provides a peaceful beautiful loving massage experience which heals broken hearts, gives love energy personal care from the Therapist who is known as a Dakini. Goddess. It can feel very healing and 'rebalancing for you as a person.

Tantra, can cure depression and anxiety.. the touch and balancing of energies and the transformation to positive feeling and encouraging an endorphin high.. along with the massages energy from the Therapist, your breathing and relaxation method which you will be taught as well as encouraging your vital inner positive energy known as Kundalini.

Tantra offers outstanding deep relaxation as no other massage can. If you want more deeper relaxation and less sensual stimulation  ask for the Tantric form called white Tantra or the Dubai version please note no! other services are given!. Pure heaven in a relaxation massage.

Tantra can give an advanced and  stimulation experience. For those who have done it all had many girlfriends or boyfriends.. but not felt truly amazing in their relationships. In Advanced Tantra the massages stimulate incredible highs..  (Not no intercourse we do not do that.. but we can teach erotic Tantra yoga.. karmasutra in a class only). This is not available in Dubai or Middle East not suitable.. In 2020 we hope have this in a licenced spa. Re-introduce people to genuine Tantra mediative relaxation massages.

In the UK spa.

Tantra cures PE early release and stress the lowers your performance. It aims to help you last longer.. so you experience more pleasure and make your partner happy. It a master lover training . only available in UK or Amsterdam or Zurich in a professional class, not available in other countries

Tantra in UK also includes prostrate massage not other countries we do not do this for men with out studio centre - outer zone perineum or inner advance. prostat massage encourages cleansing of the male fertility flow. Helps fertility and encourages detox. Encourages toning of the prostate. that's a medical fact. Our therapists  also have medical degree qualified Physiotherapist 

Tantra and Tantra Yoga can be taken as a training to enhance master lover status.

Tantric Yoga is a healthy fitness addition for slimming and muscular  tone.

Tantra massages is perfect addition to your Anti! Stress meditation relaxation physiological programme. Meditation and Peace.

Tantra massage is not full service full intercourse. It is not an escort or sex worker experience either! note.

You lay passive while the Therapist gives the massage!

Not the new fake versions you see in the internet.

We trained in London and are British national.. and Osho India.. with also Buddhist Mandala Tantric training. all certified. so we provide the most genuine professional Tantra in Dubai.

Our base is in London. but we have our trained therapists in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait and Zurich Switzerland.

Mary Celia of London Tantra massage

Also we have a professional massage service of luxury massages in Abu Dhabi.



for DUBAI TANTRA Massage followers

We have hundreds of calls of confused people who would like hours of explanation on Tantra, and it's meaning and what is offered. what is it like!?

Here is a basic simple text on what we do! and do not do! in a Tantra.. what the Tantra massage with our award-winning Tantra therapists like Mary Celia include!



The type of Tantra which we do is the most original version, balancing on the red Tantra of intimacy. It follow the traditional practises and ways of massage, taught in Osho. and Tantric Yoga school.

This form of Tantra massage gives the most benefit rather, than other lesser Tantras. It is a very full on b to b and hands to body massage. feeling as if you have the best partner in the world with a four hands massage and utter joy of a intimacy with a experienced master  therapist.

Start: Tantra welcome ceremony  to relax the body and remove the towel after your shower.. hygiene is important!

breathing techniques are taught so you can  relax.. and we remove your stress..

1. Deep relaxation massages. special oils and vitamin creams are used on your body organic and good for you as a spa treatment.

2.  Tantra touch massage.. Magical Gliding hand to body rhythm massages to music soft flowing strokes gentle minute Silly touches to the whole of your body to relax and then activate energy pleasure state but not any release or extras! note.

3. Body to Body 'B' flow massages to music.. a full body experience.. using herbal oils gel.. and Tantra movements to give the entire body.. very intense. 

The feels like a 4 hand massage. Intense stimulation of all chakras in a unique rhythm.

4. The whole massage includes intimate gentle stimulation of the pleasure points and areas of the body, encourage stimulation of the circulation.. building warmth deep relaxation, and heightened ecstasy.. growing deeply relaxing body flow massage

5. Lingham worship massage to extend is apart of a intense Red Tantra but not a White Tantra, done only with a qualified therapist.. helps to highly improve fertility size length stamina.. and gives intense healing, very special art of the multiple orgasma. Far better than any standard massage

o massages to the energy points.  fertility massage.

PE control methods are included, to give you a valuble skill to last a long time to receive higher level of pleasure orgasm.. so you will have a full body orgasmic end this is a part of the massages offered in UK

The massage can include, Male G spot stimulation  massage, and or Prostrate massage,  helps to create powerful feeling ecstasy. Detox. for health and fertility.. good for the Prostrate health also. can be included or not if you do not feel open minded and relaxed it would not be included, can be offered in London with certain therapists.


Our Tantra massage is the most authentic form of  "Dubai" Tantric and also on occasions in Abu dhabi. All Tantra massages use a special nuturing healing touch.  Close attention is given to the client, a full heart of love is given by the therapist, she is meditating and giving pure positive energy through the hands in a rythym of massage. Music plays softly in the background.. while the therapists use moves similar to dance movements of the hands in body and hands working together.. entrancing the receiver.

A secret set of bliss oils treatments from the Spa are used, and feel good factor with stimu, intense touch strokes, are used repeatedly in the massage to stimulate fresh energy and around the body, she floats away negative black energy.. you feel glowing awakening to your sensual spirit.

1. We start with a welcome ceremony

Bathing of herbal oils ceremony

stroking and almost brushing scents, wood oils over your body sans towel! please.

In a long Tantra, we can include a full temple bathing ceremony where your therapists sensually washes you in a herbal warm bath while you where your bikini ladies. eg ladies.for ladies only. This is extremely blissful heavenly water ceremony. 

Loose your inhibitions and step into your temple of enlightened pleasure, with water jets and Jacuzzi and cedarwood oil steam a variation of a sensual Hammam.

After the welcome ceremony, and a sacred space touching period. So you link your energy fields. Your Yin and Yang.

2.Tantric Teaching and breathing Pranayamic breathing to remove anxiety.

Breathing techniques are given. Also how to last longer. celebration of the Youni for ladies  massage version.

3.Rythym 7 Chakra massage

Next you will receive a traditional rythm massage while you deep breath and focus on Pranayamic. Careful attention, is given in very pure white Tantra method to gently melt away tensions.. using ancient Tantric touch massages.

4. Secret Tantra Massage

Next you will receive the utterly blissful intimate body touch massage.. every centimetre  is loved and caressed We encourage your Kundalini, pure orgasmic energy to break through, building and extending the acknowledged orgasmic feelings to circulate through your 7 Tantric Yoga 's 7 Chakras, healing, and revitalizing each part as you go further into the awakening of sensations and levels of trance like pleasure. You also can choose to receive "P" massage as an outer element of intense pleasing heightened relaxation.

We have the original Lingham massages techniques from also the kamasutra.. you will encourages to hold back until you reach a multiple release of stress. This lights a power switch to your being., shivering tingling ultra experience like no other.  Only in Zurich and London this a ultra massage for the Gourmand of Tantra, restricted to certain countries.

Try to hold back and let your therapist help you achieve this!

You will then climb down and have a warm bathing as you lie there... hot towels 

We also include 4 to 5 Tantric Yoga positions..


DOs and DO NOTS.

Please note that it does not include intercourse.. no therapist should offer certain extras. that's when you know you are with a fake Tantra masseuse.

The receiver must be passive to receive. Not acting out, or requesting this! and that! to upset the Therapist. No extras or releases!

It is not a grope grab attitude given from client. Soft touch is allowed. It is not escort session either.

It is not a rushed affair.. calm sacred space to explore your life's true sensuality, private, safe environment with complete respected privacy and discreet professional attention.

'We include more in the massage. So it is very fulfilling and you reach your achieved goal blissful state"

Yes you should feel amazing for days.


Rates reflex that this a exclusive dedicated authentic Tantra. Not a copy paste part massage part  sensual lmassage Tantra seen every where today. Not escort service God forbid either.

Tantra massage the true form can not be done cheaply.. we use so much energy.. only a few are treated each day to offer fresh exclusivity.

Tantra is not a basic massage. Not in massage centers. Huge difference with fake Tantra and the true Tantra which we offer.

Inclusive of a spa visit in UK London.. or private individual Tantra temple retreat for luxury in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Out call can be arranged to a nearby home or hotel if preagreed and to a suitable standard.

Travel costs to Abu Dhabi May be charged.. or if long distance.

Tantra massage can be combined with Swedish massage and aromatherapy, reflexology, head massage and sports injury massage.

€ 280 Euro to 510

€ 280 Euro class groups.


Free bonus to any booked session.

Long sessions receive free bonuses including free additional massages.


Free advice in question-answer form is possible after the session with your lovely friendly therapist. The therapists are highly certified and knowledgeable on health Diet Yoga and Tantra and phsychosexual health and relationship matters.. go on ask them!

Oils/ spa products

Oils and health and spa products used in the Tantra massage are very unique to our girls..

Free and included are luxury spa treatment products, vitamin oils and products for the body and skin which are used in the whole massage, from Clarins, thalgo, aromatherapy associates. Swiss clinic Geneva.

Unique extras included, no other Tantra Therapist includes spa treatments in a Tantra massage. Or expensive real aromatherapy.


We do not send photos sorry not OK simply misses the point of what actually is a Tantra Therapist

Please ask about physique or requests when you phone. Your therapist has to be clear and honest.

MSc  sports physiotherapy  Yoga Teachers Osho Tantric Goddess, BYS Yoga Tantric.  CIDESCO cert.  aTantra Dakini

Janet.  and Sarah.  hazel light hair 36 and 39 and 41 Nurses and ITEC MASSAGE. course in Tantra in Germany UK and Osho!

Karen Backer 39 years, Inga 44

Germany Swedish languages

CIDESCO spa. Tantric Yoga dip. Marhot Anand  diploma Tantra courses

Please ask any questions before confirming 4 hours a head. We don't like people disrespecting an appointment. Be honest  what you want what you expect.. will you be making the appointment. Tell us and  reconfirm.



Not escort service !  

ASK THE THERAPIST ABOUT HERSELF. GET A CLEAR DETAILED HONEST REPLY.. what is your understanding of Tantra.. what do you require.?

We do not over sell.. and no one wants you to come with wrong expectations..

Please note beauty, and what is considered as such is very different among different people /if you can't understand why then please ask someone why!!. any doubts don't call us.. it's only Tantra and the very best genuine Tantra.

We will always give you information on the phone ask away.. no problem. Honesty respect professional help.

Please refer to our websites for information.. some images are of the therapists anyway. incl. the video red Tantra.

Namaste and with Love


We have a policy not to send pics. This not an escort agency. If you can't Understand why! then please move to another provider.

simply  not discreet to send images of faces to every caller.. with a crazy internet audience and dubious people who collect images for nothing it's not ok. 

Many escorts never show faces. they may even use fake or body double pics. As Tantra therapists we are not offering pics and we do not sell services as escorts.

ASK your therapist by telephone.. if you want age body stats.. type.. hair colour height.. if you feel need to be comfortable.. any questions are actually ok.. we do not want you to come if you have wrong expectations, agreed?

Most Tantra Couples, seeking Tantra or wishing to book only request detailed information. If you need photo you have called the wrong service.

The website has photos of therapists and video red Tantra..  Not a gallery or a  trashy body line up!. Genuine is not the fake version mostly seen in Dubai..

"Tantra" has been kidnapped by escorts who write it on sites.  So the client can think everyone is same now!  No Tantra therapists are not escorts. They do genuine professional Tantra massages.




Genuine Red Kundalini Tantra

7 Chakra total love energy healing rebalancing full body sensual awakening, body to body and special massages increase energy stimulation and orgasmic sensation.

We do also the Dakini version a full ceremony of music temple awakening with light yoga and dance to welcome the receiver and a full body adoration by the therapist. Full body massages and exquisite sensual pleasure massages that flow in a rythym of touch. These awaken every part of your body and are also loving sensual yet healing. They alight every orgasmic centre of your body. RED TANTRA is a deeply energising yet intimate massage it is meant to use the orgasmic feelings and energy they give to extend for long enough! to create a super high which stimulate or the cells in your body and gives an adrenaline like rush and endorphin high. It almost resets the mind and body clock to feel as if you are more alive and in tune with your body and mind and more able to succeed in your life and feel better about yourself with clarity of mind. The Red Tantra treatment is also a loving experience which couples can learn.  It also helps PE! ED for men. 

Red Tantra is best done with a fully qualified level 10 teacher and therapist.  Be aware there are many many fake Tantra girls copying the word and pasting it on sites but with no idea how to do this.  

Our Therapist Mary Celia. Karen Julia Barbara and Devi.. Have seen Mary's words copied in 2019 on to sites in Dubai. That do not do Tantra let alone Red Tantra or Tantric. Mary has had her very words copied on to websites and classified by escorts who copy paste.  Please be aware of fakes!  Seek highly educated professionals who are fully certified and licenced 

and also the white Tantra.

  • Tantra cheap basic.

As seen in Germany and certain parts of Europe. cheaper version Cheaper conveyor belt many in a day roll on roll off Tantra..  is not the full complete genuine done. It is done for people on a cheap budget and offered by some women to make a wage as They can not attract a quality knowledgeable client base.

It is a gentle normal massage with hands with breathing techniques and sensual end.. it uses very little engagement from therapist. very little body to body just minimal body slide.. no Kundalini. no real loving energy massages. and packaged to look authentic for this. with 200 euros.. or 1200 d.

We do not do this kind. It is a second rate version.

  • Nuru Massage Body to body

Nuru the difference. and why Tantra is much better for full body?

Is a gel based Japanese body to body massage. It uses a seaweed gel. Set of techniques to slide over body. last wears bikini. Nuru has no Yoga no spirituality, no special techniques no art and is not a genuine massage.

Tantra has far more engagement, sensuality training techniques and secret techniques.. it is far more sensual personal, and has the advance sensual massage techniques, Prostrate perineum massage - G spot- Lingham massage. Breathing techniques to stop you releasing early help for premature early release! Help to develope ultra multiple orgasm. Tantra has a special  dance like body to body goddess massage that is rythmical and natural. Nuru is a much simpler basic body slide for budget massage.

Neo Tantra

German original version. Nude full body healing with or with out oil. Uses hand to body massages/not body to body glide as in Red Tantra. Neo Tantra will include embraces. Yab Yum tantric energy holding and nurturing. Some therapists use light yoga and include heart ceremonies, deep breathing versions, more meditation. Some even use feathers but purists don't use props or feathers. Many German Tantra or Taric therapists use Indian sarongs to start with and ask the client to wear these for a more authentic Indian ritual.

Neo Tantra is offered by Beautiful Tantra and London Tantra therapists also in Dubai and Germany.

White Tantra

Ayurvedic massage combination of Tantra  and Ayurvedic massage, wearing some covering for your body. Towel wearing. Involves Ayurvedic oils and is a more conservative tradional massage. With less sensuality and more like a spa treatment. White Tantra is suitable for all people. Sound Mantras and positive prayer are heard while herbal oils and special massages give a rebalancing feeling and peaceful reconnection to the harmony of mind and body


  1. Premature Ejaculation Intensive course. 2 hours. ED erectile dysfunction and teaching class

latest techniques to help your problem. London based.

latest methods from London urologist with standard psychosexual training methods to stop stress release.

Our main course includes traditional Tantric Lingham practise methods. which will train you to over come your disconnected uncontrollable ejaculation.

We use special breathing techniques, breathing pranayama  advanced method.

Kundalini Asanas

Perineum muscular practise.

Complete and successful course that also uses latest easy to understand 4 point method to control.

Leading Therapist will teach you. 

Tantra Dakini level 5  Pure Tantric Yoga teacher.

Specialist Personal Tantric development tutor. 

Private and group classes Master Lover and the enlightened couple courses.



Above is a link to our celebration of Tantra video "Dubai Tantra is a spiritual energy massage but not actually available in Dubai!  It is meant to symbolise.. boy meets girl.. they learn Tantra together and escape to a higher and beautiful love life.

Mary  has used her own images, and wants to explain to clients.. that Tantra is without inhibitions..! don't be ashamed.. and  now discover who you are wonderful it can be!

How much you can learn to keep your lover yours for life.

Tantra is also all about you too. Celebrate the awakening of your Kundalini energy. If you don't have time for a class in Abu Dhabi.. or London.. then try an initiation to the Tantra world of massage. 2020 Dubai Marina we expect to open a licenced spa, location to experience your professional Tantric massage.






Or write. Telephone contacts are actually in the above websites.



New Tantra London Locations

Tantra Massage Bahrain

Tantra Amsterdam.. tantra studio and courses in Jordaan. Amsterdam Tantra sensuale massage.

Tantra Zurich.. massages also nr. Lake Geneva Tantrique.massage and Tantra Geneva. location. Locarno tantra massage. Suisse

00447904672356 whatsapp bookings GCCC visit to Europe

Or Call local contact numbers for  mentioned on the contact your therapist page of the London site above.


latest courses on the history of Tantra, How to be a Tantric Goddess. Power of Kundalini energy. Orgasmic energy and breathing. 7 chakra massage and your self massage course.

Tantric Yoga for ultimate fitness. Water based Tantra and the Puja ceremony for couples.

Yab Yum and Tantric exercise methods. for happier love life and long term for couples. 1 day course Dubai and 5 day course London professional class

Zurich Tantric retreat. latest 1 day classes and courses.

BENEFITS of TANTRA Half day course.

2017. iAmsterdam and Abu dhabi by appointment.


Latest News 2018

Learn "Dubai" Tantra Massage in London.. this is a rythm flow massage and energy of the wonderful city. not in DUBAI

An Introduction to the benefits of Tantric massage therapy for couples.

Courses available soon for individuals and couples in. Available specialist advanced Tantric energy class November to December 2019. January December 2018


Tantra massage Red with Tantra Goddess Teacher 

advance Tantra in UK only

Watch “Tantra” on Vimeo:


News Collaborations Therapists worldwide


Please call or email. The call handling service for Spas if you are booking from:

00447904672356 London Tantra

                                Dubai Abu Dhabi

                                Saudi Arabia Tantra

                                Kuwait Tantra friends

                                Amsterdam Zurich

Advance for reception appointments

and latest offers.

Beautiful Spas UK representative handles emergency calls for the Middle East office hours

Only please use the UK.number first.

Emergency only:  00971561030414



Ingrid and Lotte join from Denmark 

Latest private classes for Tantra. Combined with Yoga. Personal development. For relationships, self help.. improving your love life.. with the art of Tantra, and the techniques of Tao with essential karamasutra.

Kriya yoga movement and fitness private classes.. combined with encouraging your essential Kundalini energy for 2018.

Be a healthier happier you. Tantric Kriya and Kundalini Yoga.. and a your British relationship coach.


Amsterdam Tantric Sensual awakening. Dec to Jan.

Tantra Seminar and Kundalini.

Jan to March. Singapore Tantra massage with Ayurveda.

London advanced Tantra class.

March to April 2018.

Mary Celia, Sarah Mortimer, Karen Backer.

NEWS 2018 2019


Tantra Amsterdam is available from

2 of January. to February 14th June 5 to September

Tantra Zurich is available from

11th February to 29th.

NOTE limited DUBAI

White Tantra

We do not have Red Tantra massage in Dubai, we use the positive name of "Dubai" to mean white energy sparkling massage.. White Tantra never includes any services for men or extras.. it is simply a relaxation positive energy massage.. we can assist people for Tantra classes massages and couples classes for London only.

You can enquire about the spa massage form White Tantra massage in Abu dhabi or Dubai

We recommend centres or arrange discounted travel to London or Zurich for your Ayurvedic and Tantric massages or courses

Free of charge we exchange info here and recommend licenced therapists in other countries now only.

2018 UPDATE "where to have a Tantric massage?"

London Tantra Claridges Hotel

London Tantra Cadogan Square. 'Next to Jumeriah Carlton Knightsbridge.

Amsterdam Jordaan

Zurich Zug lake promenade. strasse.

Monaco rue d' Canne 56.

2019 2020


New London Outcall Tantric professional massage

London Tantra have started a new international home visit service for UK Amsterdam and Abu Dhabi UAE . Also learn Tantra. click here to see their latest articles


Lotte has opened her Spa in Arnhem,  Annalise has joined Emirates Palace Spa  Abu Dhabi. 

Abu Dhabi is not staffed around the year now. Only 4 courses a year. Please contact the Service handling our bookings. Who are friendly and open 24/7.