How to find a Tantra massage therapist that real or genuine?

In Dubai and London, Tantra massage has suddenly appeared everywhere, but the "Tantra" boom on line, and in cities around the world, such as the recent market in London, for Tantra massage services that have flooded the internet, has confused members of the public. 

No one knows, what is Tantra or Tantra massage? or how to spot or find a reputable Tantra therapist from so many wannabees and fake massage parlours promoting "Tantric Massage" who ride on the band wagon of the popular term suddenly appearing everywhere.


Tantra therapist's photos and videos on websites and what is fake what is genuine?

Find a professional and well trained Tantra massage where you live or your location. Tantra massage centres in London and individual Independent Tantra massage providers or Tantric Yoga teachers.

Do They provide references to qualifications or Yoga classes taken by the therapist?

Do they cover, detailed references to Tantra explanations and methods.

Do they have blogs or articles and self help details on their site or resources. Does a therapist run any Tantra courses.

Do they link or mention Tantra Ashrams or well known teachers.


"Note if you see photos of women in underwear, Bra and Pants pics! You are on an escort site they just write Tantra for the latest trend to use Tantra instad of escort massage. It looks classy. 

Every week in London, yet another escort of happy ending massage redesigns their site to say a "Tantra" yet the day before they did not know tantra the next day they are doing Tantra and genuine! Increase prices and look like therapists, they have no training at all. How can you tell?  Bikini Bra and underwear photos overt sexual or soft porn images and Gallery on the site one of the alerts to a false copy paste Tantra site. 

No Tantra Therapist would ever need to sell sexy pics or the body to find clients, but escorts and uncertified extras massages do because it"s their trade, and selling a sex for sale service.  This is absolutely not Tantra." Note to would be clients.

'From *Ingrid M.. Tantra Temple Dakini Denmark and London..'

  • 3 Be aware Gallery of Photos of Therapists in Lingerie or sexy nude or bra and pants are Not Tantra.!

Tip! are they real Tantra Therapists? or bogus Tantra massage actually escorts without training posting or pasting "Tantra" to their site!

How to tell if Tantra therapist is Genuine?

Firstly, they never post underwear or naked photos or sexy photo gallery. Why? because the therapist is NOT offering a professional massage and Tantra. 

Real therapists have no need to promote or sell their body and it that makes them turn into an escort or call girl.  it also gives the message that they have no skills, and just a body for sale service, thats the world's oldest profession not Tantra.

If the therapist is selling or showing images of herself in bra and panties  stockings, or posing in erotic sexy photos. She has to sell her body because she can not do Tantra. The images of ladies and girls wearing nothing, or in underwear look like escorts or prostitutes don't they! because thats what they are.. this is one good way to know that you are on the site of an escort or massage girl who is using the word "Tantra" to help her improve her private massage business.

No Tantra therapist needs to use sexy or undressed photos or gallery this is not the Tantra service she is offering. It is demeaning and denotes escort provider.

You will see these fake massage sites and escort sites in Dubai now. In Dubai prostitution is illegal and it is considered a risk to visit these and many recent crime waves there are from fake escort or massage sites who recently added the high value word "Tantra" but you have a life changing positive massage be aware.

In London and Amsterdam, Deutschland and Switzerland. Tantra is totally legal and even massage services or erotic massage. Though tantra is considered a separate therapy not connected the therapists the genuine ones follow guidelines and therapy standards as long as they are from an association for member who practise.

Still in London, we have a huge problem of fake bogus not legitimate 'Tantra massage' on websites. Agencies that have moved into "Tantra" these in fact are escort or extra outcall massage services employing Eastern European girls, and now use the high revenue popular term "Tantra"£, to bring in clients" its a big business and has mushroomed in only the last six years as the latest fad, in the latest fashion of Indian Tantra, following on from the whispered delights of Karmasutra and videos on Europe from so called Gurus!

It alerts the reader or viewer that in his or her quest for a good genuine Tantra he has found an escort or sexy massage parlour, that has to promote its "girls" or false Tantra by  promoting images of girls. It is the only way to bring in clients or Punters, as they call them! If you want good tantra and you are spending your hard earn't money for tantra and the magic the healing the real therapy! then be careful and note the difference.

  • 4 If they offer extras then it is not tantra, or tantra massage.  No Tantra massage includes intercourse.

Alert! check the website for extra charges! or services similar to escort,  eg. terms such as BDSM, tie and tease, over night!, fetish, and various ways to "endings"! Any mention of these services then it proves not an authentic Tantra site!

Ask the "therapists" on the phone, try to catch them out! some are careful and many agencies tell the girls what to say to sound "genuine"!  if you question deeply you will find them out. Always have a long conversation before with your possible "therapist"

Tantra Massage does not include any full intercourse service. This is forbidden it is not a goal driven massage it is a journey of awakening divine energy and profound experience of Kundalini please note.

Tantric Sex is taught in a class for techniques by some world famous therapists as coaches for couples and partners. If a Tantra Therapist or online Tantra coach offers teaching it is instructions and tuition only. Never a paid service actual service. Tantra massage still does not include this.

There are many YouTube Videos.

Professionals do not offer to do Tantric sex for money full stop. No genuine therapist offers "Tantric sex" or for money! If you are offered this don't waste your money. Unless you only wanted escort after all!


The rise and rise of the latest escort industry fad of using the words "Tantra or Tantric"

How Tantra massage appeared in the west suddenly!

Since the last five to six years, there has been a huge phenomenon appearing, in the massage and alternative therapies industries.  "Wellness" was the buzz word used in spas and massage product industries from the mid 2000s  

Now the new trend is an alternative therapy which is an off shoot of the spirtual belief system from early India and Tibet (Related to Yoga and Ayurveda) and called "Tantra massage". 

Tantra spread fast in the last five years, via You Tube and some TV programmes and social media, suddenly every wants to be a Tantra Goddess or Guru. Once London had only a few Tantra Temples and authentic healers before 2011. Now there are hundreds and unregulated, without training riding the wave of a monetised trend. Yet very few know how to do a Tantra massage or have followed a course!

Rediscovery of ancient Tantric beliefs and Yoga from India Nepal and Tibet.

"Tantra and Tantric massage" suddenly appeared everywhere from the mid 2000s though it was a respected healing therapy and yoga system existing in the west before that from Mrs Margot Anand the famous disciple of OSHO in Poona India etc. Mantak Chia and his Taoist clases, Deepak Chowdary et al. 

The Tantra trend really took off like a rocket, and went viral via media and reports of celebrities and their Tantra bedroom activities! from the last six years or so. You tube videos, Tantric gurus, self help guides, and so called Tantra massage. The biggest phenomenon of them all.. the late Miss Psalm Isadora is an example still on Youtube.


We all know the word "Selfie" it really developed spread across social media from one Australian's comment a few years ago!  Another example readers we can give you is the word 'Gay' this was adopted in the 1970s to mean, people who were attracted go their own etc but "Gay" was a word  before used for a term meaning being just feeling happy,  it was adopted to mean something else in the70s. The spread of, and adaptation of a noun or term and popularised and used for a some what different meaning than the original,  is how 'Tantra/ Tantric can be explaines. Tantric ir Tantra now being wrongly used to mean a sex service! Tantra is not that at all! this hugely damaging to therapists and the reputation of Tantra.




'Tantra and its many forms, from Tantric Yoga to Tantric Meditation and the ideology and relegion of Hinduism and Buddhism, came about in Vedic texts in the early Indus civilisation, thousands of years ago BC. 

What does Tantra mean? Explanation of Tantric and Tantra meditation and practice.

Trifecta of Yoga,  Ayurveda, and "Tantra" which means a treatise in Sanskrit by the way. Through Yantras  the spiritual writings and knowledge Tantric belief and its proliferation spread permeating the beliefs and ideology of Hinduism spreading, branching out into Buddhist belief and practice.  Tantra, along with the Yantras and Mantras of meditation are very ancient indeed and it would benefit the reader to know that their eminent scholars with many dissertations and Phds on early Buddhist Tantra from Oxford to Harvard etc. You will find Tantric or Tantra a part of every day life in Nepal and the monastries of Tibet

That is the spirtual side of Tantra and its original form.

Tantra has many paths, ideology, culture and belief! systems,  and evolved teachings, practices related to Yoga, that involved developing your meditation, and well being by encouraging and developing Kundalini your own life force through belief, yoga and mindfulness, and visualisations through meditation. Stimulating energy and well being attaining and joining your spirit to a greater consciousness.

Tantra has many paths of practice. Gurus and teachers follow one of many specific paths or Yantras.  

Only one path of Tantra and not the whole of Tantra! developed around self love and the divine relationship of a couple, using the orgasmic sexuality as a vehicle to aid Kundalini the energy and the goal of merging your consciousness with greater consciousness. Nirvana as people would understand and also as Ananda as we know. Relationship of Shakti and Shiva the divine God and Goddess. Developing your love for one another.

Ayurveda, Tantra, (Tantric), and Yoga

Tantra,  and sorry I have really simplified this to basic English description, without using Sanskrit or Hindu terminology that can be tiring for the lay person to digest if they want an overall idea of Tantric belief quickly. The part of Tantra that is most mentioned in the west and the west concentrates on has been the Yoga and the sensual aspects. Tantra developed many techniques that were truely wonderful and used to help partners, to have a happier relationship and eternal love. Along with this were methods to help ladies after child birth, and men to prolong their power and strengthen their manhood some methods similar to Karmasutra.

There was also a healing method developed similar to Ayurveda and as a natural sister to Ayurvedic healing and therapy. There is some correlation between Ayurvedic Therapy and Tantra and Yoga. Using The energy of Kundalini or a Tantric healing the laying on of hands and massages to promote healing. " White Tantra" 

Sensual or a "Red Tantra: massages forms were done with healing and touch that connected the two souls, and created or aided Kundalini energy in the couple or two the receiver. The goal was not actual sex and could be non sexual, was really indeed, actually a journey of awakening  the body and mind to rejuvenation and enlightenment through activating a positive energy and moving this through your body. It was believed that this unblocked the seven 'Chakras', parts of the body responsible for say, heart, lungs, Digestion and stomach, reproductive organs, that may be not functioning as well as they should. The Mula Bhanda was the Chakra term for the sexual centre. 

If a person was tired and stressed it was beneficial to have an Ayurvedic therapy, a massage to help release tension and negative or blocked energy flows. Tantra had its own form concentrating on stimulating the receptors of pleasure and sensation and directly activating " kundalini" through warmth and touch and healing the stress and stagnation of the body. The techniques were handed down and the secrets of returning the receiver to a state of rejuvenation, were defined over thousands of years. Aspects of Tantra were more healing, than other aspects, and were directly stimulating for couples. To explain there exists a non sensual Kundalin Yoga and Tantra therapy.

I am really simplifying this by the way, but people get so confused! and many people become puzzled by the use of Hindu terms or Sanskrit in articles that are online, and people in general  lose interest very quickly eyes roll back and glaze, if you do not explain without difficult terms and jargon. this is merely a light and easy to read simplified explanation!


Lets move through the centuries to last 100 years. Scholars brought back knowledge through their studies of the ideology and practices of India and Tibet and Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Yoga became popular in United Kingdom from the connection to India. Gurus demonstated Yoga and Tantra in soirees from even the early 1920s. 

1960s and the interest in new age methodologies and a renewed interest in India and Yoga and all things intensely spiritual. The age of Aquarious and the Hippie movement saw many moving to India, many people travelled to Ashrams etc and spent time, Tantra mysticism, and the third eye, couples learning way to longevity and health through spiritual love! Learning Yoga and also Tantric methods was popularised. 

One famous centre encouraged teaching in Poona that is OSHO under the Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, an Ashram, simplified Tantra to help people in the West assimilate the teachings.

1970s Neo Tantra movement, became very popular in Germany with their own version of a Tantra a healing massage stemming for methods learnt in India. Karle Rothe amongst others using Tibetan forms of guided ceremony and importance of touch and energy between two partners, and an open minded approach. they regulated and legitimised the therapy and formed.an association. It is important to note! That Wikipedia have got this completely wrong annoying many British Scholars. Germany did not invent Tantra! or the massage. Another example of internet behavior of today co-contributors laziness of believing one article mentioned and copy pasting on and on in a chain of websites! Not evaluating knowlege and determining the authenticity before the disemination of a piece of writing without evaluating its authenticity.

The United Kingdom, the rise of new age therapies and alternative healing, modalities, with centres such as Glastonbury. Certain centres in the states, also followed with a defined Tantra massage for couples.  With "Sky Dance Tantra" and Margot Anand. In India we see more of a healing Ayurvedic non sexual white form of Tantra massage therapy to the present day but very less of that I am afraid.

Years 2000 to 2010, So dear readers, we had the situation of balance in the wellness industries in those days. Tantra Yoga gurus, Tantra centres in UK teaching Tantra and a few good Tantra Massage and healing therapists. Reiki and reflexology, and Lomi Lomi massage. In Germany also they had more Tantra massage therapists who were offering an alternative therapy.  London had just a few top therapists quietly looking after their therapeutic Tantra massage clients and patients. 


Sensual massage and extras massage therapists did their own work and it was as always busy profession! but slightly covert and gave the masseuses often rather disrespectful or shameful image! Nudge nudge wink wink, massage parlours! 

Sensual massage, is based on certified Swedish massage, but it is basically a random optimised method to arouse only. Not a certified form of massage taught in college either. Sensual massage does not have the techniques and spirtuality of Tantra. 

It is goal orientated to and happy ending! Tantra is quite different that this not that service.


In countries like Dubai also in london, imported low waged Asian masseuses to staff spas,  coming from Thailand and Philipines or China and were popular for normal massage and Swedish massage some operated illegal extra massages because their wages are very low indeed. 

Massage centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi 


Cheap massage craze took hold! sadly called a "Dubai massage" low wages, poorly trained masseuses working long hours, wanting to make extra income.  No interest in doing a professional massage, when there were plenty of men asking for 'soft massage' with happy endings! Hands would be less strained! Soon the poor quality massage of the so called massage centres in places like Dubai became a joke.  

Many men were not interested in getting a good  professional massage, just the extras. The masseuses and massage centres were meeting a demand for cheap massage and thats what the male clients got! Cheap. 

Everyone complains in cities like Abu dhabi and Dubai and Bahrain, of poor quality massage, (Not the luxury 5* star hotels and are excluded), where the aim is an extra relief for extra charge. Its a well known secret. Nothing to do with the good people of Dubai or Abu dhabi or Bahrain just a demand there for cheap massge with something else. Even the Russians and Eastern Europeans adapted to the request in general still uncertified poor quality massage at a certain charge. Of course the clients who go to spas for a good therapeutic massage have been made to suffer. 

Suddenly! via social media, and YouTube and some very succesful Tantra Massage Therapists the UK, US , Western Europe who were advertising and appeared on television in US and UK and news programmes and talk shows came Tantra in to the mix. 

Suddenly everyone was talking about 'Tantra' wow lets go for a 'Tantra massage' its the latest craze and fashion. As the word 'Selfie' took hold and so did "Tantra"  but there were only few good therapists who were respected certified and qualified. Very few colleges teaching Ayurveda or Tantra or Tantric Yoga. The masseuses who noticed the trend and the notorious ambiguity surrounding this topic. Just went a head and added to their menu no more than that!

The escort industry, girls, providers of uncertified 'Private massage' the US call 'Rub downs" "Back page" illegal scene,  suddenly noticed that adopting the word "Tantra" they could improve their status, and  make themselves look more acceptable, and more importantly fill the growing void, the desperate requests passing around from clients requesting for a 'Tantra massage' They could also charge more money and appear legitimate improve their image! Claiming a mystical association and Yoga, but they never were certified never trained and no idea of what a Tantra massage or Tantra yoga is! There were few schools and no one wanted to spend a year in india doing a course.

Overnight suddenly their were thousands  of "Tantra type massages" appearing as if by magic!

None actually Tantra.  

London 2018, Couples from Saudia Arabia and  UAE and elsewhere from the Middle east,  who had visites reputable professional Tantra and therapeutic spas, just a few years before suddenly were deluged with thousands of adverts over whelming in number, yet all the adverts were from escorts or massage parlours who suddenly said "Tantra" but when they went and paid it was nothing like Tantra and a "Rip off" People started to notice it was the same massage centres or private therapists they saw  or heard of the previous year with the same massage, and all they had done was to label it "Tantra" Tantric.

Plagiarism gone mad. Hugely damaging and tainting word "Tantra".

"What happened to sensual massage? why is every advert saying Tantra when its not a tantra massage"

All of the 'overnight' Tantra massages that appeared in london in the last few years or Dubai or say in New York or Singapore or Australia are 90 per cent mostly not Tantra, just adding "Tantric or Tantra" to their site, some changing sites and adding more wording or copy directly from other sites, the terms of Tantra or some discription. 

"Tantra massage: that is not a Tantra, a normal massage with some touches by an unqualified masseuse pretending to be one.

The point of this article is "Tantra" became popularised. All the back street sensual private massage providers uncertified 'Happy ending' massages, started using the word "Tantra" for their business, a few years ago as the word was promoted . They have no training no certification, no change in massage type, no knowledge of how to do Tantra, they simply make it up as they go along.

Reputation of Tantra was hugely damaged. Complaints came from disgruntled clients both men and women, people hoping for the magic something inspirational and wonderful! and got just another massage.

Tantra Yoga, also non sensual Ayurvedic Tantra Kundalini or 'White Tantra  came tarnished by the behaviour of unregulated  escorts and massage centres adopting and copying the word of "Tantra" to thousands of massage sites with no training to do this and no understanding of what they are doing! 

The industry had become unregulated and good legal authentic therapists, more rare to find, swamped by a deluge or a tsunami like wave of escort agencies and massage parlours pasting the word "Tantra" on their sites for higher incomes. Giving patients and clients and awful experience or something that was no more than a normal massage at best. This has caused an immense catastrophic damage to the reputation and understanding of Tantra!



EDUCATE AND INFORM "WHAT IS TANTRA MASSAGE INFORM OTHER PEOPLE " regulate Tantra and understand so you do not get duped.

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Ingrid, Tantra-temple, 

Ananda Koln, 


Margot Anand, 

Shaki Devi, 

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