CURE PE and Help ED Advanced Tantra


In London only. 

Tantra can help Men over come Premature Ejaculation

With London Tantra Massage and Mary Celia's techniques and a special intensive training class. An easy to learn method with powerful simple psychosexual therapy induction combined with the amazing techniques of Tantra and Taoist fertility practices along with the highly developed delay techniques from medical science, your dreams are answered! over 15 years developed a concise method of effective easy to learn and practice training that benefited from the power secret techniques of the male Gurus who used them to extend their Orgasm to powerful longer period of pleasure which excited and stimulated not only the body but created  an endorphin fueled rush of serotonins that gave the receiver a heightened feeling dynamic energy.  That removed depression and gave a positive attitude for days afterwards.

Tantra over thousands of years used the same techniques to help men last longer and preserve their strength and virility. The later famous practices of one part of Tantra which boasted of longer mind blowing orgasms and enriched sex life were indeed true.  Taoism also had specific similar methods and we have combined them for the PE 4 CURE.

ED or erectile dysfunction is another sad hidden secret of many men over 40. We first have a health consultation with you with a medical Physiotherapist or Urologist. Or we take a health survey and then we offer methods to increase circulation naturally and make the best of the erection capacity and Help you achieve a vast improvement with your performance.


Let go and tell us your problems and we can listen privately and you can relax and know that you can release your anxiety and embarrassing concerns to caring private therapists who are highly trained but have also heard it all before. At least you can talk in private and in confidence.

We will always treat you and your issues in strictest confidence. Then we will explain the latest options and Help for you and also give highly useful techniques and self help methods.



2 Hours / 3 Hours 

Counsel. CURE methods.  

Relaxation Massage TANTRIC. 

Practice Excercise.  

Take Home 4 A week to 4 Weeks TrainIng Programme


1 hour 30 mins Return Follow Up 

Intensive Practice Method 

Hands On.

Or  Theory Only


Advice plus and fertility all you wanted to know about the G spot and how Mature men can really benefit! Health worries and positive Pleasure advice. Plus great tips and you missed and want to to know.